Philosophy & Process


Indian art is so intimately associated with Indian religion and philosophy that it is difficult to appreciate it fully unless one has some knowledge of the ideals that governed the Indian mind. In Indian art there is always a religious urge, a looking beyond. From the exuberant carvings of the Hindu temples to the luminous wall-paintings of Ajanta, to the intriguing art of cave sites and sophisticated temple-building traditions, the Indian subcontinent offers an amazing visual feast.


Making of Indian statues of Dieties is a science. The composition, proportions, postures, embellished decorations, representation of various attributes to the statue are to be carried out with great study & knowledge of Indian civilization, religion and art. Symbolic negligence or an error in depiction will attract great criticism and embarrassment. Utmost care is to be taken in proper depiction, representations & in final creation of the Deity.

d'mart Exclusif Deities are made undergoing innumerable stages. Firstly, complete history of the deity is to be understood. The medium - Silver, Porcelain, Bronze ,Crystal of creation is to be agreed upon. There after the deity is created in a two dimensional drawing. This has to be clearly studied & preferable take a clearance from one of priest preaching in a temple of the same Deity. Sometimes a three dimensional statue is created in wood by an established artisan. The wooden statue is sent to Italian designers for creating a mould. This undergoes various changes and alterations till the final acceptable mould is created. Thereafter it is immaculately handcrafted in silver and embellished with enamel and studding of Swarovski crystals. Even at this stage various permutations & combinations are made to make the statue adorable and desirable.

The most important fact is that on completion and when you look at it you should feel you are communicating with the almighty. One wonders why the face of the same Deity is not always cast in a particular mould or a face - cut. No one has seen the god but every artisan has his imagination and gives life to his imagination in his creation of the statue. While creating so, the basic facial structure that exists or has been vastly accepted from decades & centuries is undisturbed.


Finally, once again a final clearance is taken from the priest and the production begins. Sometime the total cycle from the conception stage to the final production (as in the case of Balaji ) could take as long as two years. Normal cycle time is six months to 18 months.

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