Creating a Vibrant Outdoor Space

As we anticipate the first flush of the monsoon season, it is the best time to talk about the outdoors. A vibrant outdoor space is just what we need to bring a fresh perspective to our homes. It offers for many of us, a space to re-connect to a greener lifestyle, a cosy nook to curl up with a book on a balmy evening, or a fun space for entertaining guests. Here are some tips to make the most of your space, no matter the size or scope.

Create windows of delight:
Whether you have a grand patio space, or a terrace garden, you can use different materials to create focal points as well as little windows of delight. Use classical themes for inspiration, like an Italian Renaissance inspired garden landscape, with planned topography. You can add small points of interest with figurines, or marble sculptures, which can be made to look part of the landscape itself. A large fountain in the middle, in onyx, marble or stone can be used to create a circular composition for your outdoors. Greek inspired marble busts, rising from beyond a well planted shrub, or hanging vines can be delightful backdrops to the main garden. Even a small fountain or birdbath lends a soothing sound or draws birds and butterflies. Petite water features can also act as a charming focal point, like this birdbath centred in a small circular brick patio.

Think Patios and Lush Corners:
If you have the space, definitely opt for a Garden or Outdoor Patio. Use lush themes to create the decor for these spaces. Think in terms of a Mediterranean inspired look with hanging lamps in stained glass or mosaic finish. Or go for an oriental look with rugs, delicate gold or silver legged chairs and tables, as well as painted screens. Decorative elements certainly have a home on a patio, particularly if they’re either outdoor-safe or protected from the elements. If your style is a bit eclectic, or favors a theme like woodsy one, let the decorating scheme reflect that, with sculpture and centrepieces made of marble or sandstone statues or panels. Vertical gardens aren’t new, but living walls have gained newfound popularity. If you don’t want to tend a garden on a wall, you can use an espaliered tree to soften a patio’s border.

Use Interesting Furniture options:
With a spacious table and easy-to-use, comfortable chairs a basic brick patio is transformed into a sensory-rich dining destination. Outfit a cozy porch with a wicker sofa and a classic wicker rocking chair, both stocked with ample cushions, and the porch will quickly become a second family room during the warm weather months. Soft underfoot and rich in texture, an outdoor rug will lend the comforts of indoors to the great outdoors. You can also look for hardworking furniture. An ottoman that doubles as extra seating for your next backyard bash and a simple bench that will stand alone or cozy up to an alfresco dining table are essential for frequently used outdoor spaces. Small shifts in colour or material supply a lot of visual interest underfoot on a patio or verandah. Consider a border, or use different sizes of stones to delineate seating or eating areas like the red brick helps designate the dining area and warms up the blue flagstones.

Connect to the Indoors:
An outdoor space is often seen as an extension of our indoor living space because of its convenient location and outdoor living feel. Whether it’s made of stone, brick or concrete, this paved spot is frequently the life of the party, especially when you add a grill, fire pit or fireplace. With an outdoor kitchen and dining set, it can become your favorite eating spot, while an abundance of patio furniture and colourful decor turns it into the perfect sunny lounge. Use large glass bay windows which open out to a tiled terrace, or verandah. Use a tiled or cobbled walkway from indoors to an outdoor garden. A small walk-way over a water body can add another dimension to the space. Another way is to create a nook with a green area, opening into your living space. This can be decorated with tiled walls, as well as mosaic patterns. Use soft shimmers and fabrics to hang in from the ceiling and allow the breeze in.

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